Chimney Sweeping Technique

Chimney Sweeping Technique

Power sweeping involves sweeping the chimney with specially designed rods and brushes powered by a cordless drill at the end. The brush spins at up to 1200 rotations per minute, sweeping the chimney clean more efficiently than ever before. The brush expands within the flue to thoroughly sweep sides, corners, shelves and ledges, ensuring no section of chimney is missed in the cleaning process. I also have other brush heads to be able to power sweep tarred chimneys, quickly plough through bird nests, and retrieve rods and brushes left behind by amateur sweeps.

In some rare cases power sweeping your chimney may not be a possibility. This is usually due to the way your chimney has been built. I will then sweep your chimney using lock-fast rods (unable to come apart within the chimney for difficult sweeps) or super flexible nylon rods (for extremely tight bends) and a variety of different sized brushes.

When sweeping your chimney, I always lay dust sheets in front of the fireplace, and the chimney opening is sealed with either foam bricks or sheets to contain any soot or debris that falls from the flue.

Feel free to check out the pictures below to see for yourself the benefits of power sweeping.

A selection of power sweeping kit.

Unfortunately there is no dancing involved in modern day chimney sweeping and you may be charged extra if requested.